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Consolation Tournament - Saturday, March 12th

1st $1,000 Henpecked
2nd $800 Rax n Styx 406
3rd $650 Walking Eagles
4th $500 Balls in Hand
5th $300 Wing Nuts
6th $300 Family Tradition
7th $300 Alcan Strokers
8th $300 Talons #2

Hi everyone!
After reviewing how our system handles score sheets, team payouts, regular season standings, and post season group standings I realized this information is not as available on the web site as it had been in the past. While these policies have been more or less the same since I got involved in the league, it is only proper that we all are up to date on how things work!

No tied score sheets

The process is the same for score sheets in the regular season, post season, and top dog (when using the 5 x 3 format).
Score sheets are handled as follows:

The 'total' column on the score sheet is not considered a round.
The team with the highest total points (including handicap) wins.
If total points tie, then the team with the most rounds wins.
If a round manages to have a tie (in points) then the team with the most games won in that round wins the round.

Regular season team pay outs

We pay out our teams using League Points as monetary credits.
The exact dollar value for each point varies season to season.
Missing sponsor fees or weekly dues are always deducted from team payouts.
If a team owes more than it's income, that amount is deducted from the total fund and will reduce the overall league point value.

League Points are awarded as follows:

Each match has 4 possible League Points
Each round won = 1 League Point
Winning a match is worth 1 bonus League Point

It is possible for both teams to score 2 League Points per match.
Should both teams score 2 League Points it is not a tie, but results in a financial bonus for the losing team!

Regular season standings

While it is possible to have a tie in the standings, as the season progresses ties become unlikely.

Teams are sorted as follows:

  1. The most League Points (rounds won + match wins)
  2. If League Points are tied then the team with the most match wins is ranked higher
  3. If match wins are tied then the team with the most rounds won is ranked higher
  4. If rounds won are tied then the team with the most games won is ranked higher
  5. Finally if games won are tied then we look at points to determine placement in the standings

If teams manage to have the exact same numbers they will share rank.

Post season group standings:

It is also possible for teams to share the same rank in the post season.
Teams are sorted opposite the method used during regular season:

  1. Most points
  2. Most games won
  3. Most rounds won
  4. Finally the most matches won

League Points are not awarded during the group stage of the post season.

Because ties are possible the standings we have to consider what should happen if teams tie for first in a group.
If there are two #1 spots in any given group, once the group stage is complete, a preliminary round will be added to the Top Dog Tournament.

John N.

Important Dates

Saturday, March 5th Top Dog Tournament (Play will begin at 9am)
Sunrise Saloon
Saturday, March 12th Consolation Tournament (Sign up will begin at 9am)
Sunrise Saloon
Saturday, March 26th End of the Year Party! 1:00 pm (Drawings will start at 2pm)
The Reno

Hello Players and Captains!
First things first! Please bring your weekly fees up to date so we can bring the New Year in with all accounts squared up.
Secondly! Time to start getting ready for the Round Robin and the tournaments.
The most asked question I have received is "How do we work in a Sub if need be?"


A qualified sub for the Round Robin Tournament must have played a minimum of 4 matches during the regular season to have established a hadicap. Secondly, the player that is substituting must have a handicap that is equal or above the person they are subbing for. Example: If your regular player is an 8 then the sub needs to have a handicap of 8 or above. This prevents abuse of the point system.

A qualified sub for the Top Dog Tournament must have played for your team a minimum of 4 times. This can include the Round Robin weeks. The sub will be able to play with their established handicap. Please call me to verify qualifications before a tournament. If you require a substitute that has not played 4 times for your team, the player must have played four times during the regular season AND PLAY WITH A 10 HANDICAP!

A qualified sub for the Consolation Tournament player cannot have played in the Top Dog Tournament, but must at least once this season.
This is our very last tournament ofthe season so please come join us.

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