End of the year party!

With the season coming to a close, it is time to give out prizes!
April 1st
Marvin's @ 1:00pm

Top Dog Tournament Saturday March 4th at the Sunrise Saloon. Play begins at 9 am

Top dog will be a double elimination tournament.
Congratulations to the following teams who made it to the Top Dog!

Group Winners

Rax-n-Styx 406 Hen Pecked
Pool Hall Junkies Family Tradition
Balls in Hand Katie O'keefers
Sharpshooters Dark Horse

For all the other teams, a conciliation tournament will be held March 18th at the Sunrise Saloon.
Sign up begins at 9 am

For more details for the post season. Read More

Top Dog Tournament

March 4th

Latest News

We made many changes this season, as you can see! Finding what you need is pretty easy, and we don't think it will take long to get adjusted to the changes.

Navigating the site is realtivly simple. There are 3 main areas to know:

  • Leagues
  • Matches
  • Statistics

These area's will take to the information you are looking for, once you explore them a little you may find things a little familiar if you have used our site in the past.

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